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Pool Party with 562 Children!

This Saturday we joined Marybeth and 562 of her little friends from Katatura at the municipal swimming pool. Marybeth tries as often as possible to bring joy to these underprivileged children’s lives by taking them to the pool, organizing soccer matches, and spending 7 days of the week with them. I was delighted to find that most of these children were happy to talk and for the most part were very intelligent! Above all else they were incredibly sweet and had an amazing time at the pool this day.

There is Marybeth posing with her new traditional Oshivambo dress. The dress was given to her for her birthday recently by a youth group who was also present at the pool. Marybeth has helped the youth group organize a couple of plays that will show this Wednesday. The plays address HIV Aids issues and domestic violence.

The pool is actually a beautiful oasis in this dry desert climate. At $5 entry, I will definitely be returning for another Saturday afternoon. This here is the deep end of the pool. Not too many swimmers here.

Now have a look at the shallow end! Whoa mama! That’s alot of kids splashing and swimming!

Sexy teeth…I had a blue lollipop that stained my teeth pretty badly for the rest of the afternoon. “Hey Michael, did you know your teeth were blue?” (!)

Here Falls the Penny Pinching Axe
My prayers have been answered!!!!

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