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On Friday night we boarded a train bound for the south of Namibia. The train goes all the way down south and stops near the South African border. The complete trip would take approx. 14hrs. Luckily, going only to Rehoboth, our trip was only a two hour one. The train left an hour late for no apparent reason. We just sat on board in the station without being told what the delay was.

Waiting for the train, wandering around the antique trainyard.


This is one mean looking train.

We had a compartment booked so that we would not have to sit in the caboose. The bunks were basic but well worth the extra couple of dollars. Bringing along a sleeping bag would enable you to get some winks on board. I would consider it for a trip to the coast or to the north. Yes, these trains go in all directions (although not very quickly) and an overnight trip to the coast could be fun.

We had a little dining table by the window and the ladder there goes up the top bunk. The compartment sleeps up to six people! It was so nice having the window open and cruising through the wilderness. If was pitch black, no moon, very few stars, so not much could be seen but the silouettes of the mountains in the distance was breathtaking.

We arrived at Kimera’s friend’s house late Friday night. All houses are marked as such in Rehoboth. There are similar markings in neigborhoods around Windhoek. The family’s last name was not Toontjies, and I don’t know what ERF means. The sign itself may have been from times past.

Typical neigborhood in Rehoboth. I love the tall trees! They were everywhere. It was really, really hot here. Note that the ground is nearly all sandy. Only major roads were paved and the rest were sand.

Looking up towards the main street.

To be continued….

Weekend Get-away to the South
Thanks for your Birthday Wishes!

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