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On Friday night I checked out this charity fashion show as part of the Bank Windhoek Arts Festival. The show was a bit pricey but, wow, was I ever impressed with the performances. Six Namibian musical artists took the stage performing between the models showing off Namibian fashion designs. The show went for about 2hrs and was completely action packed. All of the performers were hype too.

Our hosts Kenny and Ms. Namibia 2007 Anna.

Some of the children from the orphanage the show was to benifit sang us a lovely song.

Namibian fashion.

This guy was really good. Had a ‘folky’ kind of sound.

These guys were hilarious, great stage show. Acting all crazy like and dancing very erratically.

This guy was really great as well. The back up dancers were just for show. Heard his song on the radio Saturday again and am thinking about checking out his album.

The UNAM choir. I am usually not into choirs but this one kept it very upbeat and fresh.

The Old Blue Light District
Windhoek @ Large Launch

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