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The day following my sisters arrival in Windhoek we split for Cape Town. We spent the first day on the mountain and poking around the city. The following day we took a wine tour through the beautiful rolling hills in the surrounding area.

In the city

Wine tour starts at 9am with a champagne toast!

Amy lined em up and knocked em down.

A very impressive first evening dinner at Baia on the waterfront. Seemed to me that it was owned and run by Mozambicans. This was the special platter that our waiter Mario talked us into. Thats lobster, kingclip, prawns, and calamari!!!

The following day we returned to the waterfront for suishi. This particular bar has a rotating platter which is constantly refreshed with fresh sushi. Guests can take whatever looks appetizing.

At the Tokai winery. Tokai is said to be owned by the children of the richest man in South Africa.

At Beyerskoof winery.

Fairview winery also specializes in cheeses. These guys lend their milk to an amazing goat cheese.

Polytechnic Culture Festival 2007
Amys Visit to Africa - Cape Point Tour

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