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There is a demarcation point found at Oshivelo as soon as you get north of the Etosha Game Reserve. As soon as you pass the checkpoint you are immediately greeted by farm animals which graze the roads, yes the roads, and parking lots in the small towns on route. Lots of cattle, chickens, roosters, donkeys and sheep are just sort of roaming freely all around. Here and there you see a sheppard directing the animals out of harms ways.

Also on route we see overturned carcasses of what were vehicles traveling along this road. Most are heaps or burned out wrecks that were never removed by any authority and one must wonder of the fate of the drivers. I would imagine they were swerving to avoid some livestock wondering around the highway.

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It is quite a contrast once you pass through Oshivelo. The towns also have many people milling around outside frequenting the market. Informal bars (Shee’bins) set up outside of one room shacks or someone’s house dot the landscape. The names of these bars are also quite interesting; “Sorry Bar”, “USA No Money No Life”, “Don’t Give Up #1”, “Don’t Give Up #2”, “Water is Life Bar”, and “The Agreement Centre”.

I did not get many photos of Oshakati or the surrounding area. It was for me, a very different environment. I am told it is considered more “Africa Like” then the heavily German influenced Windhoek. I can comment that it was very busy at all times and the smells were quite intoxicating.

We spent the remainder of the weekend with Cyrlene’s sister Jenny, her husband Lino, and their sons. Jose was therefore preoccupied, the sisters were re-acquainting themselves, and I was left to the vices of Lino.

We had quite a crazy night on Friday. Lino and Jenny own a club in Oshakati, LT 69. I was here exposed to quite a bit of the local music. I also had a great talk with the DJ who could somehow mix seamlessly without using headphones!

Saturday was recovery for most of us. We laid back for most of the day, had a nice dinner, watched Jaws II and went to sleep.

We embarked on our 8 hour drive home round about 11am on Sunday. Not far from Oshivelo, out of the way of roaming cattle, Cyrlene got a speeding ticket.

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Very clever…

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We stopped at Lake Otjikoto which turned out to be a Cynote much like those I found on the Yucatan peninsula. It was quite spectacular to see.

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Here is Jose outside of the gift shop at Lake Otjikoko. He’s a great kid.

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Etosha 2006
Polytechnic of Namibia Academic Welcome Speakers

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