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Late last week the following email was sent throughout the University:

Dear Colleagues
Please be advised that the link to South Africa is down. The problem is
apparently on the South African side.
We will inform you as soon the situation change.
We thank you for your understanding.


We were offline for the rest of the day. The University was not alone, the entire country was without internet access! Can you imagine??? I went downtown to use the ATM; offline! Literally hundreds of services grinding to a halt….
Apparently there is but one meagre connection between Namibia and South Africa. I remember the internet being very quick in Johannesburg. I think this country could benefit immensely from a strong network.

Population ( 2006 Est.) 2,038,791
Internet Users 2000 30,000
Internet Users 2006 75,000
% Population 3.70%
(%) Users in Africa 0.30%
Use Growth ( 2000-2005 ) 150.00%

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