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Friday night we caught the movie titled Dune. It tells the story of the sand’s magical journey from the Orange River in South Africa, flowing north with the currents, and blowing out of the ocean on to the shores of Namibia. The sand travels across the costal areas of the country and settles in the Namib Naucluft desert constrained by the Kuiseb river.

Africa’s Namib desert is a world in motion. Swept ashore by mighty winds, tides of sand from the battered fringes of the Atlantic Ocean are on an epic journey across the bleak interior. For centuries the sand moulds and reforms into myriad shapes and patterns, until they find their ultimate nemesis in the banks of the Kunene River.

This is the remarkable story of traveling sand and how the different dune structures influence communities of animals and plants.

A spectacular 10,000 year journey illustrated with thermal, time lapse and natural history imagery – combined with innovative graphics of marching dunes – painting the desert as it has never been seen before. This film captures the story of the forces which have shaped this country, where life is shorter than the wink of an eye.
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