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Upwards and Onwards: Journey to Zamiba
Day 3 & 4: Northern Namibia and the Caprivi Strip

In Rundu we visited the Kavango river which seperates Namibia from Angola. It was so good to see water flowing like this after being in dry Namibia for so long. Across the river we viewed the mysterious country of Angola.

It was Sunday so we had a little trouble finding a place to eat after our ong drive up from Etosha. The only place we found was Ozzy’s Beer House on the main strip. Marloes and I had some wonderful pizza’s while the boys had some not so wonderful steak. When asked “What is the soup of the day?” the waitress responded, “Well the soup of the day is like a soup that we make every day” We all had a good laugh about that one!

Also of note in Rundu is the CocaCola Hypermarket, which is basically a supermarket. They also have a CocaCola bakery. The presence of this sugary drink in Africa is astonishing.

A lone boater crosses the Kavango. It was amazing to see how easy the migration could be!

Our next stop was Popa falls on the Kavango river. We rented this neat little cabin by the waterside and had a wonderful bbq.

Enjoying the fire after dinner.

Journey to Zamiba: Etosha National Park
Journey to Zamiba: Crossing the Caprivi Strip

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