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Welcome to Spring BBQ at 1 Axali Doseb St.

September first is the official start of spring here in Namibia. So strange to welcome warm weather at the begginning of September having grown up in Canada and usually kissing the summer goodbye with the Labour Day weekend. We welcommed the summer with traditional Namibian style; a bbq and some patio cocktails. Since most of our guests were European I was not surprised that they wanted to play some ‘drinking games’! This seems to be a really popular pastime in Europe. Tequila, Sambuca, and Ramatsoti (italian liquor much like Jagermeister) made an appearance!

The late night crew decided to hit the clubs. We went to one of my favorite spots in Windhoek, Chez Ntemba. Its a great spot that cycles through almost all styles of African dance music and a little western music. I really like the variety. Here Judith is really caught in the moment.

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