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Could it be the Worlds Largest BBQ?

Namibia Plans Biggest Braai (aka BBQ)
NAMIBIA appears to be moving on from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and now plans to make headlines by staging the world’s largest barbecue.

It is hoping the 9 tonnes of sausage with which it plans to feed some 45 000 people at a Windhoek football stadium in September will keep up the interest.

“The Namibian record will be set with 9 tonnes of boerewors (sausage) which, if stretched, will be 7,5 kilometres long,” said Uschi Ramakhutla, a spokeswoman for the Meat Company of Namibia, which is organising the event.

President Hifikepunye Pohamba is expected to be the 44 159th person in the food line pushing Namibia ahead of the current Guinness Book of World Records title holder for world’s biggest barbecue, Australia, which hosted 44 158 people at a one-day cookout in 1993.

More than 8832 litres of Coke will be consumed on the day.

First sight of the giant crowd that turned out to lend there appetite to the worlds largest BBQ! My friend Barbara from Australia (Australia holds the current Guiness Worlds record for the largest bbq) insisted that we do not attend! I really could not resist going to see what the event was all about.

Well, if they do not win the award for largest bbq….maybe there is some sort of award for biggest mess ever left by a crowd? Really, there was not a garbage can in sight!!! The ground was blanketed in garbage.

My favorite part. Singer Sunni Boy gives an amazing performance.

Lest we forget Faizel MC. This man knows how to work the crowd.

BIG production! I hope that they got the 45,000 some odd mouths to feed. Will report back on the results come Monday.

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