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I had a desire for Pad Thai today and remembered that I had some Thai noodles in the cupboard. I gathered all the ingredients together and made my first attempt at home cooked Pad Thai. I have heard nothing but horror stories from friends who have tried this before. I was quite satisfied with this recipe so I thought I might share.

It could be that I have not had Pad Thai in a while or it could be that this turned out to be as close to authentic as I have had outside of a Thai Restaurant

250 g Pad Thai Noodles
20 ml oil
1 onion – chopped
2-4 cloves of garlic – chopped
5-10 red chilli – thinly sliced
150 g chicken
30 ml fish sauce
30 ml lime juice (I used lemon juice because limes in Namibia are hard to come by)
30 ml brown sugar
2 eggs – beaten
250 ml bean sprouts
50 g roasted peanuts
bunch coriander

Soak the Pad Thai noodles in boiled water for 10 minutes (or until soft). Drain and set aside. Heat oil in a pan or wok on high and fry garlic, chili, and chicken until cooked. Add drained noodles and fry for another minute. Add fish sauce, lime juice, brown sugar and egg and cook until egg has set. Sprinkle with bean sprouts and coriander and serve!

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