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September 25, 2006
South African Airways SA0075
Windhoek Johannesburg
Depart: 13:50
Arrive: 15:45

Check in: Elmardi Guesthouse
Tel. 012 460 1673 Cel. 082 779 2778

September 26-28, 2006
Training at ITS Facility
Pretoria, South Africa

ITS System overview for PNAM MIS Person
The idea is to give the person an overview of how the system works and enable the extraction of management information through the MIS Views.

We will not discuss detail transaction processing screens like the student registration screen, but rather focus on system concepts, what they are and how they can be applied

1. Student System

a. Academic Blocks
b. Offering Types
c. Examination Types
d. Academic Structure (Give an overview, but also give specific attention to the following concepts and where they are set-up and used)

2. HR System

a. Service Records
b. Posts
c. Primary Department
d. Appointment Types
e. Ranks
f. Leave

3. Finance

a. Code Structures
b. Financial Periods (Fin Cycles, Fin Years, the use of cycles 13 and 0=14)
c. Posting of Sub-Ledgers to the GL
d. The Financial Report Writer {FCSO-8}
e. The Trial Balance Report
f. Student Debtors

September 29, 2006
9:00 University of Johannesburg
Mrs Charlene Erasmus
Information Analyst

14:00 Tshwane University of Technology
Deon le Roux
MIS Officer

To discuss at each institution:
Systems/software currently in use
Best practices in statistical reporting and analysis
Report flow processing
How are report requests handled and serviced
Who can submit requests
How are requests submitted
Risk areas or lessons learned
Statistical system’s interaction with the ITS database
Building a repository of reliable, reusable and secure statistics
Failsafe/backup procedures
How to maintain data integrity
Computer Services or Strategic Planning?
Is data warehoused? i.e. download the data and then draw MIS information from that warehouse rather than the live system.
What reports are standard and produced on a regular basis for top management?
What access do they provide to management to customize reports?
Who is responsible for formatting?
How are security and confidentiality issues handled?
How are reports published? In what output format?
How can you affect strategic planning with MIS?
What are your key performance measures?
Is it possible to develop a break even point for each qualification?

September 30, 2006
South African Airways SA0076
Johannesburg Windhoek
Depart: 13:20
Arrive: 15:20

Government Sales Tax Adjustment???
On my way to South Africa

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