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Pretoria Day 4

I was back at the office on Thursday for another session with the ITS software company. Thursday was definitely the most productive day as I met with Bernard who was responsible for showing me the in and outs of the financial portion of the system. I have not yet done a great deal of analysis on our financial records but there seems to be a lot of possibilities.

Knowing that I was to have to get up at 5:30 the following day to trek into Johanessburg I planned for a quite night with intentions to hit the sack early. I was offered the opportunity to check out the opening of the Latin film festival with the B&B headmaster. I happily accepted the invite as an opportunity to soak up some culture. The film festival opened with a reception which included Latin infused snacks like mini fajitas, homemade salsa and tortilla chips. There seems to be a large South American community staying in the Johanessburg/Pretoria area. We met quite a few from Argentina who had been in the area for almost 25 years. The movie we saw from Uruguay entitled El Viaje hacia el mar (Seawards Journey) was basically a simple feelgood movie which offered very cute humour.

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