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Last trip to the Coast 2006
Day One – Swakopmund

I am so happy that I was able to squeeze in one last trip to the coast before I return home on November 30th. The original plan was to head down with a few people from work, but all but myself and Cyrlene actually made the trip on Saturday morning. Nothing was going to stop us. We were both in dire need of a relaxing weekend.

This was one of the only trips I have taken to the coast where I did not have to do the tourist thing and visit the famous spots every tourist must see…like Dune 7 and various spots in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. It was all about kickin back, and that is exactly what we ended up doing.

Mandatory arrival lunch at the Lighthouse beach bar. We had the standard fare, pizza’s, beer for me, and in Cyrlene’s case finely chilled South African wine. The pizza’s were great and the beach view was fantastic despite the overcast skies.

We took a long walk on the beach and I discovered a side of Swakopmund I had not seen before. On the northern coast we came across many quaint beach front homes, as in this one with the very creative pathway. (Proves that when at the coast you should never be in a rush) So we meandered around the beach checking out the various shells and rocks. We also came across a few dead seals washed up on the beach. I have heard that it is seal clubbing season, sounds terrible doesn’t it? Actually it is a very important step in maintaining value for the Namibian coast’s fisheries. Seals eat a lot of fish each day and are a real threat to the vibrant fisheries industry in Namibia.

After our walk we checked in to our bungalow and head to the beach bar. It is a short walk from the lodging. Here we are being set up with two springbok shots (amarulla and mint liquer) and beer for me, wine for C.

“Sometimes we stand in the darkness, afraid to look into the light.”

Yes, I was buying souveniers for my peeps back home. Who wants an elephant????

Landmark; The Swakopmund Lighthouse

Dinner was at the Tug Restaurant. They never fail to amaze me with their fresh fish and fine steaks. Although we booked at 12noon we still were put on a waiting list, so we had to hang out in the bar for about 30 minutes. It’s a very neat little bar which is actually the captains deck of a tugboat the was wreaked off the coast many years ago. It was segregated from the wrecked ships hull, and plopped on top of the restaurant in the 80’s.

After dinner we hit the cocktail bar for a few specialties.

After cocktails we head to the casino where I doubled my money and Cyrlene went broke. I seem to have alot of luck in this casino, as does my sister when we here in August. Poor Cyrlene is just not the luckiest gambler but she never lets it get her down.

We retired to the bungalos but before going to bed we decided to hit the beach with a half bottle of wine and a blanket. I recently bought metal wine glasses for just such an occasion. We sat and listened to the waves roll in for just over an hour. This is my new favorite thing to do ….!!!

Live music at the warehouse
Langstrand Beach

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