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It truly was a magical month home with friends and family. I am still catching up on all the great memories had. Thanks to all who shared their time with me!!! All the best for 2007.

Aris and I at the legendary 3 Charles St W.

Trish and Kurtis conducting ninja training before heading to Dennis Ferrer.

Bartender (?), Jean Marc, Martin and I at Martin’s Christmas party; Christmas with flavor.

The new Mississauga haunt, West 50. Over 150 beers on tap kept us occupied.

My very first apartment, 3 Charles St. W. Still in the family with brother Aris.

Fun times at 3 Charles with Aris and Amanda.

Laid back with the new camera.

Aris, Kurtis and Amanda chilling in 3 Charles

Almost a family portrait. Bottom left, great auntie Maria, my grandfather and grandmother celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary!!! Middle, my Aunt Chris. Back from left my dad, cousin Laura, cousin Paul, Amy and I.

My future brother in law with my sister Amy.

The boys raise a pint at the Duke of Marlborough. Marchelo, ?, Kurtis and Ryan.


Part of the New years eve crew. Great night!!

Ron Trent working it on New Years eve 2006-7.

Northern Christmas 2006
London 2007

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