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When I got back to Namibia last week and entered my old house, it felt very different. There was an oh so familiar smell in the kitchen that I was not so happy to revisit. So much has happened in that house and so much has changed! Good friends gone, strangers anew, I felt like it was time to take action in getting my own place. I spoke with the administration at the Polytech about getting a Poly Heights flat. This would be possible but I would be on a waiting list. In the meantime I was offered the flat used for visiting professors. Fully furnished and well equiped, I made an easy move last Friday before taking off for the coast.

So far the flat has been good to me. I am able to go to bed much earlier without interuption. Therefor I am well rested and ready to take on the day at 6:45am.

Here are some pics of the apartment.

The main lounge area opens onto the dining room.

View from the dining room across the lounge towards the patio.

Very small kitchen, but easy to maneuvre.

Other end of the kitchen.



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