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This day will be very hard to sum up. We have literally hundreds of pictures of the sights seen as we toured the cape and visited the Cape Point. Ill try to narrow it down to the best of the best only. This tour was amazing. Very cheap, and action packed.

Short boat trip to see some seals (yawn) just outside this harbor. I do always love a boat trip though and the views were amazing.

Drove around the bay and took a really cool road which was basically carved out of the side of a mountain. View from halfway up this mountain.

At times the mountain was actually above us while driving on this mountain road.

Next we went cycling along this gorgeous beach for about 6 km. Had to stop every 100 metres or so for another photo op. Most scenic bike ride I have ever been on.

Surfers of the coast were doing their thing.

Biking! Love that pants tucked into the socks style.

On to the lighthouse just north of Cape Point. From the top we spotted this beautiful little beach carved out of the countryside.

This lighthouse was built a fantastic height. The drop off was massive.

At this point I thought I was at the southern most point of Africa. Little did I know that we had not yet reached our ultimate destination.

Group shot with the lighthouse.

We all decided that the beach seen from the lighthouse was worth a visit so we took the hike down to check it out. Here Stefan is caught with the bag of Lays chips he was planning on using to lure the baboons.


We all agreed that it was simply the nicest beach we had ever been on. This does not include tropical beaches however as it was far from warm. The sand was immaculately clean, as was the water. We were warned against swimming here as the currents are very strong. In fact we were told of an American who, only a few weeks ago, was so awe struck by this beach and decided to take a swim. He was never seen again!

At the top of the Cape Point, another incredible peak. We did alot of hiking up and down this day.

Cool dragon rock.

The Cape of Good Hope is also a nature reserve and it is not unlikely to see animals sharing in the splendor.

I made it~!!

Cape Town Good Food and Drink Show

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