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Penguins! Such an amazing little creature! I love the way they walk and waddle all over the place. They always seem to have somewhere to go in their little tuxedos.

The penguins live here on Boulder Beach which would surely be a place to visit even if there were no penguins. Huge boulders just deposited here by some prehistoric force. The beautiful setting sun offered great views.

Walking with the penguins. I am pretty sure the gang in the background are on the way to save their friend and beat up Stefan.

Penguin mother and child.

Perfectly tailored suits~

Penguins swim like ducks on the surface and can dive.

Its a strange reality but thats the way it is in this unique little town. Humans must co-exist with there well dressed friends.

“Honey, I’m off to work!”

Cape of Good Hope
In the Dark

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