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I really enjoyed my quick trip to Paris. Luckily with Cyrlene’s help I was able to quickly move through the must see locations of the city. It seems that every corner of the city has some icon of historical value. We brushed by a lot of the locations rather quickly. I was not here to visit museums and peruse art and history for hours. I was most interested as always in getting into the city and viewing the archetecture and the street scene for the average Parisian.

The Notre Dame de Paris

Inside church was in session, it being Sunday morning. It felt odd with all the tourists hovering around as the regulars attended their Sunday session.

River boats cruising through the city

The Basilique du Sacré-Cœur

Behind the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur was a great little neighborhood. This location is the highest point in the city so the views were splendid.


My favorite urban street for the trip. It seemed to stretch for miles with no end to the apartment blocks. We finally did come to the end and there we found a wonderful little Turkish diner where we had lunch. I drank Effe which is an amazing Turkish pilsner.

The three towers of Paris. The one on the left is Cleopatra’s Needle and was a gift from the Egyptian’s to the Parisian’s in the 1800’s. It was quite interesting to find the instructions for transportation of the needle along with the hieroglyphics on the side of the structure.

The Moulin Rouge and the sex district were interesting. There was even a sex museum. It’s all a bit shady with a touch of class.

At the Louvre

TheArc de Triomphe flanked by the nightmare which is the Paris traffic situation.

Inside the pyramid at the Louvre.

Hangin outside the Louvre. I did not visit any galleries.

Under the Eiffel Tower

Looking south towards the Eiffel Tower

Looking north towards the Eiffel tower

Rather than going up the Eiffel Tower in the cold and rainy weather, we opted for the Montparnasse Tower which lies just south. From here we were able to relax 56 floors above the city of Paris. There was also an observation deck but the weather was just not conducive to enjoyment.

We sipped French wine in the cocktail bar and witnessed the light sky turn dark. This was a very civilized sundowner in a rainy city.

On my last night we went to a traditional French restaurant. We ate French onion soup, house smoked salmon, and duck. For dessert we had a cheese tray and creme brulee.

This is an advert for a French pizza that we found everywhere throughout the subways in Paris. I was very tempted to try this interesting pizza. Smoked salmon and Raclette cheese on a UFO shaped pizza, ya!!! I never did get to try it, but I will never forget the double cheese invasion.

From the Balcony in Rennes
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