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Took a weekend trip to the local reservoir for a hike and to take in the scenery. Lots of people fishing in the dam this day. I am not sure I would eat fish from this dam but these guys seemed keen on keeping their catch. We even saw them bring in a turtle! That went into the bucket as well….hmm???

‘Fresh?’ fish of the day.

These last three photos were taken with my new phone and its built in digital camera. Not too shabby.

This same weekend we babysat a friends twins and boy. Mom had to rush off to Zimbabwe for a family emergency, so we thought we would distract them by hanging out for the day. Doing some cornrows here.

Cruising in Mom’s car with the kids down to the mall for an ice cream and a ‘jump around’ in the restaurants jumping castle.

Got milk???

After the kids were thoroughly hopped up on sugar we had to say goodbye for the day. Kim is pretty good about keeping these guys in line but I lost all control the first chance they got me alone. Kim was dropping off some groceries in the flat and I stayed to watch the kids in the car. Before I could say ‘wah?’ they had totally gone nuts. The young boy evaded the child safety locks by reaching out the window to open the door and proceeded to lock himself in the trunk of the car. As I went to fetch the little munchkin from the boot the girls got into the front seat and worked on their driving skills. I got worried as they fiddled with the parking brake as we were parked on a hill. They were screaming and having a ball while I was sweating it up running back and forth trying to tame them!!! Kim returned and got the girls under control. She said it was ok if we left the kid in the trunk cause he loved riding around back there!!! I don’t think I am ready for kids.

Valentines Dinner
3 Inch Grasshoppers - Welcome to the Rainy Season


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