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I have been just recently settling into the Cape Town vibe. It is unbelievable to be here after my last three years in Windhoek and my recent whirlwind trip home in Toronto. I am still on holiday and will not start my masters program until late April. So I am kind of caught between.

Recent events at home have garnered my attention and I am worried about how things will pan out. It is extremely tough being so far away from things going on near the home front.

Cape Town has been generous to me so far. I have been enjoying it yet not to the fullest as I have on previous visits. I am unemployed so I can not enjoy Cape Town as an ordinary visitor should. I am a temporary resident and am actively pursuing employment with the university. If things do not pan out as hoped I will likely try and volunteer myself to a worthy cause near the city.

I have been keeping myself busy with some administrative business at the University of Cape Town. I also try and pick up Kim at work daily which results in a good 3 km walk through a busy and vibrant city centre. I have been disappointed by unlikely looking people looking for a handout, always with a very elaborate story of why I should give them a donation.

Regularly I see people climbing the Lion’s Head Mountain visible from my home window. I plan to join this group once things cool down a bit.

I went to the Cape Town museum Friday and explored for a good three hours. It was quite a good experience and the museum has lots to offer, including a planetarium. I plan to visit the many other museums and galleries while I have time on my hands.

Kim and I went out with friends over the weekend to a pretty chic club called FashionTV. Music was ok and we had a fairly good time.

Here is a few pictures we took from Kim’s office in the city centre.

Camps Bay Beach Day
Down by the Waterfront

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