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We rolled into Cape Town at about 3pm in the afternoon. We were a bit sluggish from the ride but enthralled by the beating heart of the city. After settling into the Carnival Court backpackers, getting a beer, and a game of kicker (thanks to Stefan) we set off into the city to explore. Immediately I was impressed by the cafe’s and restaurants along Long St. very urban, multicultural, and diverse. Immediately spotted a Mexican, Middle Eastern and Irish Pub restaurant, that translates to Guiness on tap!!!!

View from the backpackers later in the evening.

Enjoying beer and kicker, which means foosball or gits (gitonees!) to the North American.

Laxing on the patio.

A couple more beers, a little more tired. Maik (pronounced Mike), Stefan, both from Germany and Joey my buddy from Phoenix, Arizona.

Across the street we had a very vibrant little cafe which served great food and played great house non-stop.

This became my favorite spot between travels. Ill be back.

Typical side street in Cape Town. Love those narrow streets.

Lunch Sunday at The Color Red. The meals were fantastic and the portions massive! We needed the energy for Table Mountain however.

Back from Cape Town
The View from Table Mountain

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