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I couldn’t help watching a little of the Kim Jong-il funeral which happened to be streamed live on The Age this morning.  I knew it would be a very official production and a rare glimpse of media from North Korea.  What a somber affair it was, on a dark and snowy day in the capital.  Presumably, Kim was laid to rest beside his father Kim Il-sung after a long procession through the streets of Pyongyang.

Having spend a little time in South Korea I appreciate how sensitive the North Korean issue is to the South Koreans and others in the region.  I really truly hope that somehow positive change is coming for North Korea.

The entire broadcast featured the weeping and wailing North Koreans as they witnessed the passing of their ‘Dear leader’.  Even the announcer was weeping as he documented what was happening in the video.  I eventually had to turn the sound off as it became so monotonous listening to all of the crying and sobbing.  I snapped a few screaners of the broadcast.


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