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Hiked from the Mount Washington ski resort to Forbidden Plateau on Saturday.  This is a long hike, which I tracked at 29km in total on my GPS.  There were not many majestic views on this hike, but we did hike through a number of beautiful mountain valleys.

This hike involved a car shuffle, as we entered at one point on the trail and exited at another.  We do this in the morning by leaving one car at the end point, then packing everyone into a shuttle car and driving to the start point.  The idea being that then when we come out, a small group can drive to pick up the second car and we can all head home.  Unfortunately after nearly 9 hours on the trail and 29km behind us we arrived at our shuttle car which had a flat tire!  After changing the tire and sending the shuttle car off down the mountain to get the other car, we not long after received a message that the shuttle car had blown its spare!  By this time we had a fire going and but were faced with the task of figuring out what to do next.  Very luckily my friend had parents who lived nearby and who very graciously came to our rescue.  Our heroes picked up the shuttle car folks and got them to the starting point cars.  Nearly 3 hours after coming off the trail, our cars arrived and we were heading off!

Not all was lost, although frustrated our group maintained high spirits and we shared snacks and stories by the fire in the parking lot!  The incident reminded me a lot of being stranded by the side of the road in Namibia back in 2007.  Good fun, and a great memory!

East Sooke Trail
Hiking Mount Tzouhalem

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