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Homemade Chicken Parmesan in Namibia?

What were we thinking? A huge project like this is hard work. But my brother and I have one thing in common….we love to cook good food (and eat it too!). Everything, even the croutons in the salad were made from scratch. Michael even slaughtered the chicken! haha…just joking…. But we pounded the chicken breasts ourselves with a log, and breaded the chicken with our own secret technique. Forget about frozen cutlets…this is the new standard.

The sauce was also prepared with Nooona’s special recipe. Here the sauce is being poured over the chicken which was also smothered in mozzarella.

The final product. Little bit pasta smothered in special sauce. Zucchini prepared to perfection, sautéed with onion a garlic and a little bit a sauce. The chicken also turned out beautifully. Not pictured here was the ceaser salad which was a hit for Michael only.

I really enjoyed the meal.

Michael also enjoyed a tradiational Italian dish in Namibia….strange…

We often find ourselves wondering why we ever go out for dinner! There are talks of a restaurtant opening soon in your area!

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