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Ok, so the volume of pictures on this site has definitely slowed.  Where is the content you say??? Well I will tell you what happened, my little camera, the one that came all the way from Australia to meet me in Namibia, recently bit the dust.  First the screen went, and I was getting some very trippy colors and distortion on the screen.  I kept taking pictures with the viewfinder but eventually it just stopped working.  No longer will the shutter open.  I can still get a sense of life, some beeping here, some blinking there…but generally the camera has retired.  

So it was great that I made the Fuji purchase while I was home in December.  Or I would be camera-less.  Unfortunately, that camera is not the easiest to take around with me.  It is not a ‘snapper’ as I like to call pocket sized cameras which you can take everywhere.  

Ill be on the lookout for a decently priced snapper to increase the volume of pictures.  Till then I wont have too many pictures to share…..booo !!!  

Lunar Eclipse 2007
Happy St Patrick’s Day!


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