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Saturday night was supposed to be a night of cosmic splendour as the sun, earth and the moon lined up to create a lunar eclipse. Basically the earth would be between the sun and the moon, blocking out the light on the moon and creating a red hazy light which is created by the light from earth’s atmosphere. This sight is said to be quite unique. I had booked the tripod from the University so that I could get a slow exposure shot of the moon close up. The eclipse was scheduled for 12 midnight.

Around midday I started to notice clouds congregating the sky. It had even rained for a brief period during the day. Of course the night of the eclipse would have to be one of the only completely overcast nights of the last few weeks!!!

I had plans to go out, but told my friends I would not be able to join them till after 12:30am. I tried to explain to them that there were cosmic forces at work, and the moon was going dark, but very few could understand what I was after. At around 11pm I started getting text messages like this:

Hey man, I hate to say it, but there is nothing going on up there. You need to get down here where the real party is at.

I officially gave up the eclipse at just before midnight. We head to the party and ended up having a really great time. It was for the better having arrived after midnight as most parties here don’t get started till then anyhow.

At around 2:30am the moon popped out of a hole in the clouds. I could see it was a half moon and the eclipse was still happening! You could just faintly see the light moving across the moon. About an hour later the moon was full again as the sun came around the earth and shone brightly upon the full moon. So it was pretty cool to see the moon go from half to full in the course of the evening!

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