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Went to bed pretty peacefully last night.  Have been going to bed early since I am working now and like to get an early start on the day.  I woke not long after slipping into my sleep to some bass.  Somewhere, someone was listening to loud music.  It could be the pub downstairs, but that usually ends quite early so I decided to be patient.  About an hour later the music was still going.  I had determined that it was not coming from outside but from upstairs.  We have new neighbours above us, was this beginning of a new set of nightmare tenants??

There was something particularly odd about this music.  For the past hour or so it was repeating.  I started to recognize the patterns in the bass guitar riff.  It was just repeating over and over again but structured as a full song.  I started to assume that it must be a band practicing.  Or maybe just the bass player from a band practicing his licks over and over again, as all I could really here was the bass.

I was restless and disturbed now so I got up and stuck my head out the window to determine whether there was a party going on, or if it was just the lone band member.  Things were much clearer now, and I could distinctly hear the song – Slowride by Foghat and it was the full song, not a bassist practicing.

Now who in their right mind would listen to Slowride over and over again for over an hour???  Slowriiiiiide…..take it eeeeaaaasyyyyyy!!!!   It’s such a lame song, am I right?  Oh, maybe it’s ok but just for novelty and just once, not over and over again!!!

Then I noticed something else very strange.  Every once and a while I would hear a little yelp, like OWWWW.  Or YEAA!!!!  Then there might be some silence for a while and then the song would continue.

Finally I could take no more of Foghat and I decided to head upstairs with Kim to straighten them out.  Now, you do have to be careful of neighbours as you never know how they may react.  We felt it better to make our discomfort known rather than lose sleep.

We were greeted at the door by a young friendly faced lad.  I told him that I had heard enough of Slowride.  He chuckled, apologized, and immediately turned down the racket.  What would possess a seemingly normal guy to listen to Slowride over and over???  He was playing Guitar Hero and couldn’t pass the Foghat level.


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