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At the waterfront yesterday I noticed an incredible ship parked normally where one would find cruise ships or military vessels. It looked strangely out of place as it was a yacht, but a massive one. I was told this yacht was 450 feet, privately owned, and certainly the largest yacht I had ever seen in my life!

Did a little cyber snooping and discovered this yacht belongs to Larry Ellison the CEO of Oracle Corporation, and David Geffen one of the more successful record producers. Can’t even fathom owning a ship this size. Wonder how they are enjoying Cape Town?

Some stats on this incredible ship:

  • Reportedly cost over US$290 million to build
  • 6th largest yacht in the world
  • Four MTU 20V 8000 M90 diesel engines giving an output of 36,000 kW (50,000 hp)
  • Four propellers that enable it to reach a cruising speed of 28 knots (52 km/h)
  • 82 rooms on five stories with a total living area said to be in excess of 8,000 square meters
  • Jacuzzi bathrooms
  • A gymnasium/spa and sauna
  • An extensive wine cellar
  • A master bath/bedroom
  • A private cinema with a giant plasma screen
  • 3,300 m² of teak-layered deck space
  • A basketball court on the main deck (can be used as a helicopter pad if necessary)

Source Wikipedia

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