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I now have a better appreciation for the notion ‘island hopping’, after hopping over to Newcastle Island which is just about 1000 metres offshore from Nanaimo by ferry.  The entire island is a provincial park with numerous trails to explore, two lakes and camping facilities.  Took a walk with friends around the perimeter of the island which equates to about a 10km walk which took us roughly three and half hours.  I can see myself spending a lot of time on this island!  It was beautiful all the way around and there are still a number of trails we did not explore, such as those crossing through the middle of the island.  Along the perimeter I spotted dozens of private beaches and coves I would love to explore in detail.

Another option, which we saw hundreds taking, is the possibility of kayaking around the coast of the island.  In a kayak one can easily pull up and explore any beach of interest.  I have a three hour kayak rental coupon burning a whole in my pocket right now!  Also looking into the possibility of purchasing a kayak 🙂

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Cathedral Grove Forest in MacMillan Provincial Park


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