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I arrived at the Crest Mountain trailhead at noon. The trail is well established and meanders through switchbacks up to the ridge. You gain just over 1100 metres to meet the first lake. The journey to the lake took me just under three hours.

I gathered water and explored the area around the lake looking for a campsite. I decided to stay on the ridge with great views across the valley to Kings Peak and Wolf Mountain. I also had a magnificent view directly into the Elk River Valley.

Having established camp, I decided to walk about and make my way to the Crest Mountain summit. There are many paths to the summit and one can find their own way across the alpine ridge. I meandered East to get a good view of Big Den Mountain before making the turn towards Crest. From the ridge lake you need to gain about 150 metres to reach the summit, but there are many ups and down along the way. It’s a pretty ridge and there are several tarns scattered along the route with some established campsites along the way.

I took it slow, and it was about one hour to reach the summit of Crest. It’s very easy-going and it’s a simple walk up. Views opened up to the East once on the summit.

Back at camp I ate dinner, enjoyed the views across the valley, and turned in early.

I woke around midnight to rain coming down. The wind had kicked up as well. This continued right through the night. By morning I was in my tent waiting for the rain to ease up. In this time i finished my book and enjoyed the later start. I ended up waiting till about 10am before finally facing the inevitable. A very wet pack up and walk back down the mountain to my car.

Once down and in dry clothes I made tracks for Gold River for lunch.

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