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AIDS Awareness Day at the Polytechnic of Namibia

It was a beautiful day to gather outside for the annual AIDS awareness day. Local awareness groups set up booths and gave out free condoms and brochures. There was some trivia cast at the audience and I learned quite a few new things.

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The fashion show was hot.
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All of the clothes incorporated safe sex or AIDS awareness in some way or another.
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Some of the outfits were more obvious than others! Posted by Picasa

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Local artist Sunny Boy rinsin’out for the crowd. It would have been a great show but the administration was plagued with sound problems. Sunny Boy refused to sacrifice his reputation through a bad sound system. Posted by Picasa

MC Faizel steps up to give it a shot. Again the terrible sound system proved to be too much for the artist. The students were all really upset. Posted by Picasa

Sunny Boy and Polytechnic staff. Posted by Picasa

The Mother’s House
Views fom the Windhoek International Film Festival

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