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The Tsumeb Copper Festival is an annual event which celebrates the town’s successful mining history. I have always traveled through Tsumeb but never actually spent some time in the town. Overall I would say I was very impressed! The town boasts beautiful tall and lush trees and a very large and clean park.

The downtown strip was quite well kept. The first night in town I stayed at a lodge and the following night I moved over to a small private bed and breakfast. At the B&B I was in alone in one of two rooms. It was very strange coming back in the evening and entering the complex knowing I was completely alone. There was a restaurant and large garden patio as part of the B&B. It would have made an interesting scene for a horror movie. Thankfully, I made it through the night! Oh, and by the way, there was no breakfast because the restaurant was closed on Sunday.

The Tsumeb mineral gallery right next door to the Bed and Breakfast.

One of may quaint churches in town.

Here I am meeting Kim’s mother for the first time (on the left) and a friend of hers.

An old train at the museum.

Kim and some of her fans in Tsumeb.

Part of the old mining district in town. These old houses are said to be some of the first built to house the workers near the mine in town. The little bridge crosses a small ditch where the water used in mining was drained.

Got to loooove the funky chicken.

In the park we found gorgeous Jacaranda trees blooming.

The festival itself was in the park. Kim says its really changed from when she used to go. Sounds familiar. I was hoping to see more local handicraft and design but did not find much. There were a few booths selling imported Chinese toys and accessories, a couple booths representing local and Namibian businesses, and the rest were pretty much bars selling cocktails and bbq’d meat. I was able to meet a lot of Kim’s old friends and suitors.

We stopped in to the hotel for an afternoon drink and to cool down. It was very hot up there! Interesting signage.

Also across from my B&B was this abandoned mine, right in the middle of town! Actually Kim has told me that the buildings around the mine are still occupied. But I believe the mine itself to be abandoned. We were able to explore the grounds quite easily.

Looking up towards the sky through the mine shaft.

Some mineral extracts that were left outside the mine.

This bridge led over a small stream and road to the other side of the complex.

Looks like this bridge has seen better days.

Homemade Pizza from the Scratch
Kim's Birthday Dinner

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