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We began our 21-night journey around New Zealand with a long drive out of Christchurch South then West over the mountains and down to the Lake district. The two main lakes in this area are Tekapo and Pukaki, and we had a great tip from my friends Roger and Cheryl to head for the Eastern shores of Lake Pukaki. After a brief off road experience and testing the vans limits, we found an exceptional spot on the middle East shores of the Lake. This was a fantastic start to the trip and our freedom camping experience. I actually felt as if we might have been doing something wrong, as it was so pristine, and we essentially just rolled in and parked. We spent a gorgeous night in our little campsite on the bank of Lake. We sorted out our gear and figured out how to use the kitchen before a blissful night’s sleep.

Tiromoana Bush Walkway
NZ Road Trip: South Island Day 2 on Lake Pukaki

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